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DATA 151 - Introduction to Data ScienceKarl SchmittValparaiso UniversityIntroduction to the use of computer based tools for the analysis of large data sets for the purpose of knowledge discovery. Students will learn to understand the Data Science process and the difference between deductive hypothesis?driven and inductive data?driven modelling. Students will have hands?on experience with appropriate on?line analytical processing and data mining software platforms, and will complete a project using real data. 2 - 50 min lectures/week, 2 - 75 min labs/week
Introduction to Data ScienceTim KraskaBrown UniversityTim Kraska's Introduction to Data Science at Brown University.2 times per week, 1 semester
Introduction to Data ScienceBill HoweUniversity of WashingtonBill Howe's Introduction to Data Science at University of Washington.2 times per week, 1 quarter
Introduction to Data ScienceMichael J. FranklinUC BerkeleyMichael J. Franklin's Introduction to Data Science at UC Berkeley.2 times per week, 1 quarter
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